• New And Fresh Restart January 15, 2019
    Welcome to the Coffeehouse, where I hope this is a hub of energetic and intelligent discussion. I have 3 blogs for more diverse discussion, but if all you are interested is how I’m doing and general info, stop here before going to the rest. God only knows why I have 3 blogs, but I do, […]
  • Back From the Holiday January 12, 2019
    This is one Christmas that wasn’t really a Christmas for thousands of Federal Employees, and pretty much everyone else. Not having a job to go to does that to people who rely on them. Remember when the Holiday was a much needed break from politics? Nothing happened especially on the Presidential level. Only emergencies that […]
  • Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving November 23, 2018
    Happy Thanksgiving-this is no big Thanksgiving dinner in my family this year. My older sister has stopped cooking, my niece stopped cooking because it reminds her of my late mother (she passed away 2 years ago). But I’m thankful anyway. I won’t have to make plans for Costa Rica for at least 2 years, don’t […]
  • Post Midterms November 21, 2018
    Am I the only person who actually feels more rested now that the Midterms are over, and the Blue Wave has washed over the land? Yes, Cheeto is still President. And there’s at least another 2 years of that, but at least his antics will have a check and balance on them through investigations […]
  • Things that the Resistance Has Done Right November 21, 2018
    After a couple of years, and a massive Blue Wave midterm, its a good time to assess the Resistance and its successes.. I remember a saying “history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes”. With so many people noticing parallels with the 1930’s, with an embrace of open Nazism and authoritarianism, its easy to over look its […]

Another Month, Another Gray Month.

What’s happened to Winter lately? Around here, the Sun has become like a visitor that just stops at your door to just say “hi” while the motor is running.  If you turn around, you miss it.   So I think I’m suffering from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Thankfully, it’s not severe, I can handle my business-but it feels flat a lot of the time.   I wondered for a while, why I hadn’t really felt this way before?  But then I realized that before was me working somewhere and keeping busy with a lot of light, and when things turned really gray, feeling a bit sleepy.  So I was too busy to feel flat.  Also, this time of year had me looking forward to that call back to work. 

But even with that, I remember a lot more sunny days when it was cold as f-k but bright, sometimes so bright the light would reflect off the car hoods in the parking lot and for a moment it looked like summer.  That lasted of course, only as long as you stayed inside.  The minute you walked out the door, the cold would hit you like an unexpected slap in the face.  But at least it was Sun bright enough to at least let you know it was Day.

Now it seems like every other day we have rain, and the other day clouds, and once in a while maybe the Sun peeps out in the afternoon. 


Irish Church, abandoned and gray as the weather. 

Reopening The Blog Complex

I have a lot to say and finally the tools to say it with.  I’ve had something for about 10 years, but never really had the time to blog properly.  But retirement has at least one reward: more than enough time to write.  There will be more to write on the three (no make that four) blogs on the site:  Whitehouse (politics), Townsquare (astrology) and Lounge (links to relaxation and serenity.

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