WebTV-An Internet Memory

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webtv box by sony

Back in the rampup days of the internet, computers were very expensive and hard to comeby for many people. So someone came up with a combination of tv and the internet called Web(Later MSN)Tv. You connected a set top box to your television set and through the local ISP, got a stripped down version of • Read More »

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Where I have been?

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I haven’t abandoned my blogs, just got a major attack of writer’s block. I worked so hard on the building that I got too tired and overwhelmed as far as the writing part-even though compared to deciding on templates and extensions and such, writing is supposed to be easy. It’s not that easy. With applications • Read More »

Climbing Mt Everest: What’s next?

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I was surprised to see the traffic jam at Mt Everest. People literally huddled next to each other waiting for what had to be a minute or two at the summit. It resembled to me more like a corporate self-development seminar than a real accomplishment, more a white middle aged rite of passage than something • Read More »