United States-Twelfth

Abandoned Alcatraz

America’s Haunted House: The Twelfth

The American Way of Secrets and Endings before the Beginnings. Secrets are the things you try to hide from others or yourself. In a national chart this is the underworld: organized crime, underground resources, approach to prisons and hidden history. Scorpio is here, and it’s ruler is in the Second and in Capricorn. Money fuels much of this stuff. Money made off of captives, prisoners, and underground resources.

Scorpio here is where all the unconquered appetites, all of the sexual obsessions all of the obsessions for power come from. America’s secrets are truly dark and obsessive-and we make money off those obsessions.

I wondered about the trine of Pluto in the Second in Capricorn to Virgo in the Ninth. How the aspiration for purity and service seems to come out of our worst passions. I also realized that the drug that America made money off of is-tobacco, along with manufactured substances. It was too cold for cocaine or for opium, but not too cold for alcohol, cannabis and tobacco.

This is a good place as ever to talk about the American needs for adjustment-the quincunxes. The 150 degree aspect is just now considered one of the major aspects. What does America have here? Moon in Aquarius in the Third inconjunct Mercury in Cancer in the Eighth. Moon in Aquarius in the Third inconjunct Neptune in Virgo in the Ninth. Women have had to make their adjustments to the American reality. Of course, back then, “think of the women” was more a slogan than a reality. There’s also Jupiter quincunx the Ascendant and Venus quincunx the Ascendant as well. And the wide Venus quincunx Pluto as well.

Of course, they knew that becoming independent would take a lot of adjustments and a certain amount of flexibility.

It’s another empty house, meaning these matters are usually a background issue for the nation. While Slavery and Prisons have roiled the nations, these issues usually are undercovered.

When Pluto was here in the 1980’s, there was a definite growth in the underground due to the crack problem-drug dealers became drug lords, there was AIDS, and a growth in the prison population unprecedented in the nation. Reagan governed a world of crumbling infrastructure, decaying neighborhoods aging through neglect.

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