United States-Third

The Neighborhood, whether ghetto or gated community. Whos is our brother’s keeper, and how do we keep the sense of community? The American Neighborhood. Our ideas about early education. Relationships between our closest national neighbors. Aquarius is here, along with the Moon in Aquarius. Women (the Moon) dominate so much of that world, and that’s where women gain most of their power.

The Moon in Aquarius here rules the Cancer Eighth House.

Moon in Aquarius here trines Mars in Gemini in the Seventh.

It semi-sextiles Pluto in Capricorn in the Second.

It quincunxes the Virgo Midheaven as well.

Fixed Air on the Third House just means that we have decided ideas about what is community-indeed we have ideology behind our approaches to neighbors and neighborhood.

United States Second

The United States Fourth