United States-Tenth

America’s Place on the Red Carpet: Center Stage in the World

The Tenth House in a national chart is a nation’s stature in the world as a whole, what the world thinks of a nation. Virgo here-we are seen as a nation of science and service.

Neptune in the Ninth at the top of the chart…Our dreams, ideals, and even our illusions take center stage. But in the Ninth, those are likely to be more religious than dreams of power. It is a dream of nurturing and teaching the world, of leading the world to greater enlightenment through the example of purity, precision and nobility over all.

Saturn in Libra in the Tenth…..However Saturn here: the reluctant hegemon is what rules here. Saturn organizing the world through law and the balancing of international power, usually for the benefit of our trade and commerce.

The Ruler of the Tenth is in the Eighth, hinting of the mercantile ties that help the United States do the ordering of the world. The Ruler of this house is mutable earth..Power creates stability and foundations, but those foundations can change when circumstances do, like clay or mud or even sand. Strong alliances but not eternal ones.

The United States Ninth

The United States-The Eleventh House