United States-Sixth


The American way of work or of health. Taurus is here, the ruler in the Seventh. Workers and patients are either partners or adversaries.

For Americans, health is about will and struggle and endurance. With the ruler in the Seventh, we openly battle with disease, and luckily winning most of the battles. Plus we have open alliances in fighting disease as well, working with other nations to halt its’s spread.

The sixth is also the American way of work. American workers are better paid than many nations due to the adversarial nature of labor. Labor makes most of the demands openly and about money, which helps here. Easier to pay money than to share power, which is more common in Europe.

“The Will to Health”, is a source belief for the Christian Science/New Thought/Faith Healing Community. While other nations may have prayed to the saints, made pilgrimages, dipped in sacred waters, Americans have made health and healing both a profit center and a battlefront. Fortunately we win most of the battles.

It’s an empty house, so these issues are held in the background so to speak. Instead of having a Labor Party, we just have a party that works with labor.

Health Care, despite the current emphasis, is the same way. We let the issues percolate below the surface only to be dealt with from time to time.

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The United States Seventh