United States-Seventh

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The Jam-packed Seventh. The American way of marriage, of contracts, of alliances. The ruler is in the eighth in Cancer, the house is Gemini.

The Seventh: The American Way of Marriage, Open Conflict and the Law…Gemini with its flexible, multiple approach rules here.

Uranus in Gemini-despite the vows, death do us part, doesn’t really apply in any real sense of the word. Where else do you have Vegas Weddings and Reno divorces? America ended the many ways in which marriage was pretty much a locked deal for people. No dowries, no arranged marriages, no dynastic (except informally) interlocking families.

Mars in Gemini… semper hendrerit eros, id pharetra mi ornare eget. Curabitur egmus.

Venus in Cancer….

Jupiter in Cancer…

Gemini on this cusp indicates the basic approach to marriage…everchanging, emphasis on thinking, communication and the awareness of duality.

Mutable Air on this cusp..

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