United States-Second

The American Way of Accumulation: Where does the money come from to run America? Yes, there’s taxes, but where does those assets to be taxed come from? The Second House rules assets gained by active endeavors as opposed to inheritance, tax money, or transfer payments. A lot of it comes from our ability to organize commerce, another is through monetizing hidden faults (12th house) in our world. How much money have we gotten through pharmaceuticals, legal or not? We medicate the world.

Pluto retrograde here opposition Mercury in the Eighth.

Pluto in Capricorn is here (retrograde) trines Neptune in Virgo in the Ninth. House Ruler in the Tenth in Libra. Pluto rules the Scorpio 12th House.. Basicially America makes its money by exploiting and organizing the secrets of the world,

Capricorn here and the ruler in Libra in the Tenth indicate America makes its money through structure-building, thorugh law making and through partnership.

Pluto retrograde here means the energy of Pluto is turned inward. Our efforts are focused on exploiting our own resources for great wealth.

Spoken in the definition of another house, our moneymaking endeavors involve exploiting the darker side of humanity, it’s secrets and its not-always wholesome needs.

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