United States-Ninth

Ninth House: The American Way of the Open Road, The Open Sky, the Open Mind.

The ninth house deals with long-term, long-distance. The American way of religion, of higher education, of what we do with those foreigners that come and are, here. Leo indicates our approach. Our religion-is influenced by Leo show business. What is college football but show business?

Think of all the performers who have gone from pounding the keys on Sunday morning to center stage. Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, a ton of white performers who started in those little gospel independent churches and gained exposure and training and then went secular. And even church music has become a spectacle meant to entertain. The Crystal Cathedral, Billy Graham revivals are the religious response.

Also higher education covers the rest-school bands, college choirs and training. Philosophy? Dazzling seminars with colorful graphics and exciting music where people pay unseen amounts of money to listen to someone tell them how to live. Strong individual creators of religions: Mary Baker Eddy, L Ron Hubbard, Charles Fillmore.

Neptune in Virgo is here, topping the chart and creating an illusion of purity and service. Think of all of the health cults we have had. Indeed, a lot of American religion stems from healing stuff: Christian Science and Scientology, The Seventh Day Adventists, and so many more

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