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“I’m the king of the world! Or top of it!” That’s the Midheaven for you. For a nation, it says much about it’s overall stature in the world. Virgo is here, with Saturn in Libra as well. Neptune in Virgo is also conjunct this as well.

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It’s something to think about-no throne, but a desk-a working desk at that. That’s Virgo. The President is here to serve, not be served.

Neptune at the very top of the chart represents the American Dream/illusion, as you will. The dream involves providing a home for all nations. The American dream is providing service to all the nations as well, the nurturance of the world’s many people.

Saturn in Libra is the international rule-maker and order maker. America is responsible for creating much of the body of international governance, from the League of Nations to the United Nations, to helping create the E.U. Even while it seems to cramp its sense of America being the common people who don’t aspire to such lofty notions.

There’s an air of making the rules about equity instead of justice at times. Of seeking harmony over justice-it thinks its fair, but can be inhibited if it interferes with its acquisition of assets.

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