United States-First

New York City Manhattan Cityscape
podk / Pixabay

Sagittarius rising-America’s approach to the world is often brash and expansive.

Jupiter ruling the First House-people are surprised that the United States was expansionist from the start-the colonists wanted/needed more land, and were willing to fight for that land.

Sagittarius likes room and movement. We’re always on the go, looking for the next opportunity over the hill. And Sagittarius is also an sign of aspiration and direction. We are moving to find that dream, create that opportunity. With the ruler in the Seventh in Cancer-we find family where we find it, and benefit thereby.

It’s an empty house-meaning we don’t put up too much effort in creating a singular look for the nation, and again with the ruler in the Seventh, we take styles from our partners. Chinese Pagoda next to a Greek Temple next to Minarets. Schools that look like Chateaus, Palaces that look like they were hauled bodily from the nation they copy. Yes, there are subdivisions that regulate looks, but they aren’t all that popular.

But there’s no committee that’s dedicated to creating a National Look for anything other than Federal Buildings and such.

People remark about how we as a nation are readily willing to talk and communicate. Even the most taciturn of us will occasionally blurt out a greeting. That’s Sagittarius. With the Sun and Venus next to it, it’s mostly sincere and appealing-in small doses.

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