United States-Fifth

The American Way of Creativity-“Stand Back, Here Comes the Artist, and Get out It’s Way!”

The ruler in the Seventh, as much adversary as artist. Mars inconjunct Pluto in the Second,(artists battle over the power to their art, which sometimes means battle against massive exploitation) trine Aquarius Moon,(fast, and assertive, especially as a community) semi-sextile Sun, semi-sextile Mercury, square Neptune, and a wide trine with Saturn.

Aries on the Fifth…children are raised with what must be an astonishing level of self-assertion. Fights with/by/and for children are a highlight here. Children are a cause, and are the means of making causes.

Cardinal Fire on the Fifth hints at artistic innovation and artistic independence. “The Artist Alone, fighting against the world” is a thing here.

Americans are very individualistic about art, and very self-centered too. Yes, we have choirs, and group artworks, but we idolize the individual who stands behind the mike.

Its another empty chart, so art takes care of itself most of the time.

The United States Fourth

The United States Sixth