United States-Eleventh

Friends" (Quakers) Meeting  House
Quaker Meeting House

Team of Rivals: The American Way of Groups

In an national chart, the eleventh represents the legislature. Libra here suggests that the function of it is Libran: think the phrase-balance of powers. Congress was to counter-balance a Leo executive through open rivalry (ruler of this house in the Seventh) while at the same time be a partner in governance. With the eleventh house empty, this was meant to be a background issue: Congress would quietly do its thing for the people..

With Libra ruling here, the ideals and hopes and wishes are for equity, balance, beauty, and justice. More to the point-America would balance the scales for those who the Old World despised and blocked from advancement. It would be a world governed by law and equity, not inherited fortune and rank. One of the amendments later adopted banned the granting of titles. There would be no national church to advantage one group over another.

There is also an equity among state legislatures. Each has equity with the other. And mutual recognition. The states would be autonomous, free to go their own way.

Its another empty house, meaning that legislatures (and affinity groups in general) are treated as secondary, background issues. Few would normally be able to talk about their state legislators at all except as a collective entity.

Libra also rules law, and its not surprising that affinity groups have a lot to do with the subject.

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