United States-Eighth

Cemetery Gate Iron Stone Entrance
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The American Way of Endings and the Inheritances That Follow:

One thinks of once again, the American diversity regarding Death. The New Orleans Funeral, the Tribal Rites, the pouring out of a 40 on a gravesite. Halloween, All Souls Day, Day of the Dead, Memorial Day.

Death can be as traditional or as individual as one wants.

he American Way of Death, of inheritances and investments.

Homebody America would rather just deal with its immediate neighbors, but world realities means that it must also deal with the rest of the world, and order for that world to work, America has to make the rules. The reluctant leader, as you will. The result is living with some brakes on itself.

America draws its sense of self from identifying with the common man, but it’s mercantile needs and needs to organize the world leads it to be the world’s lawmaker. World Laws needed to be safe for trade, which led to America’s eventual domination of the oceans.

Mercury in Cancer retrograde..

Sun in Cancer. Ruler in Aquarius in the Third, square Saturn in Libra, widely conjunct Venus and Jupiter and Mars in the Sevemth, semisextile Uranus in the Seventh. Quincunx the Ascendant as well.

The Sun brings together the entire chart.

Mercury retrograde here opposition Second House Pluto: talk about obsession with possessions and power!

The United States Seventh

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