United States-Ascendant

America’s Ascendant: Putting on it’s Makeup

A nations’s Ascendant is the “Face” of a nation. It’s how we show the rest of the world what we are about. And we are Sagittarius-broad, full of wanderlust, a bit of braggadacio.

The ruler is in Cancer in the Seventh. What does that mean? Cancer rules mass consciousness-so we let the people bring their own styles to the table. There is no controlling culture to demand a certain “national” approach. Indeed,culture can sometimes be adversarial to such an approach.

Now it’s empty, meaning that we don’t work on a specific presentation-we leave it up to tradition, personal taste, and government appropriations. There is no grand gateway, grand temple at a particular spot. There is no grand coordination for a particular national look either.

We have many landmarks, not just some pyramid or temple somewhere. While we have the Statue of Liberty, we also have the Grand Canyon, the Liberty Tower, and a million other uncoordinated sites, all illustrating a different facet of us. Also, there’s no real attempt to hide the less than flattering places in America either.

Since the early 2001’s there has been a massive re-building of the American landscape from Vegas to DC. The restoration of old monuments into housing. Gentrification. The new Los Vegas. Mega-Mansions replacing some old one, and the more modest houses of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Even with the housing crash, houses are larger and more sprawling than ever.

America’s Front Porch is pretty eclectic. We draw on everybody’s style. Greek Temple next to a Victorian Manor?

King Arthur’s Castle next to a pyramid? That’s us.

The first also rules birth, and as a nation we have been pretty free-range with kids. Again no set rules for a long time-we just let them out of the house to wander. As a nation we have been fairly prolific in marriage and family making even if at times we have had fights over the issue

With the conjunction to the Sun in the Eighth, we generally are eager to bring new members into the family from other nations. We use other people’s resources, and that includes kids and wives/husbands as well. George Washington until 1924 had an open immigration policy that was the envy of the world. Come here, be willing to work peaceably, and you too could be an American.

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