Mercury Two: Virgo

Rules Gemini and Virgo

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When I think of Mercury, I think of those bike messengers that dart between cars and buses on their way to deliver their packages and their missives: quick nimble, and everyday. Mercury rules the basic, immediate intellectual connections that we make. Sometimes speech, sometimes through writing, sometimes through the senses. Mercury rules the nervous system this way.

And not just intellectual -travel is a form of communication and is often essential to its success: mail delivery, door to door knockers, and the buses,trains and cars that facilitate meetings.

Direct, non-philosophical communication with an objective and a purpose. I speak, you hear and understand without barriers.

It’s what divides us from other animals: the ability to communicate not only instinctual things, but fairly abstract concepts. Not just speech, but the ability to communicate through the written word.

The Sun and Mercury have a special relationship. The two planets never are more than 28 degrees apart, either in the previous sign, the following sign, or the same sign. The way we communicate is often the way our Sun Sign manifests.

The places we communicate are reflected in the House Mercury is in. The First? (Natural talker, the method of communication reflects your Sun/Sign.) The Second? A lot of money talk, or we make money through our speech. The Third is a natural student, and good for communicating with your neighbors. You probably do a lot of traveling around town or your county. The Fourth?() The Fifth? (Creating artistic concepts-usually author, but sometimes poet or good with communicating with children) The Sixth?(Maybe you communicate as part of your job) The Seventh? () The Eighth (?) The Ninth (?) The Tenth?(), The Eleventh?(), The Twelfth?()

When we communicate, what do we say? When it’s Aries, “Its here I am, this is what I say I am”. Taurus, it”s “here I stand”. I’ts Gemini it’s “I have many facets and many ideas”. In Cancer-“I want to be part of the crowd”. In Leo, “I want to lead you. or its’s all about me and what I want”. Virgo, “I like to serve through the things I say”. Libra-“Just and right communications”. Scorpio “Pretty intense communication at times” Sagittarius “”, Capricorn “Get down to business, not necessary eloquent”, Aquarius” I like to talk about my ideology, or about the future and its relationship to same” Electrifying”, Pisces ” Moody, vague”.

About the somewhat infamous Mercury retrograde-everything goes retrograde, except the Sun and Moon. All of these go through phases where the outward manifestation seems not to work very well. When a planet goes retro-the thing to remember is that it’s the time to catch up, to turn inward regarding the effects of same. Trying to do new things with the energy don’t seem to work very well. Mercury has several of these periods through a year that lasts about a month or so. In a communication-oriented, travel oriented world, the effects of missed communication are more noticable: missed appointments, problems making travel connections, problems with point to point communications .

Instead use the time to catch up on unfinished communications, to renew connections. I have found it an excellent time to get in touch with people that I missed getting in touch with the first time around.

As for travel, routine travel already arranged, even with some delays seems okay. Just don’t start something new and expect that there won’t be some snags.

The shadow side of Mercury isn’t superficiality, it’s the misuse of communication. It’s lies and misrepresentation. It’s the refusal to communicate essential information when needed.

For now, Mercury rules two signs: Gemini and Virgo. The Gemini side is more ordinary communication-conversation, books, short trips around town, the ability to read. Virgo is more abstract: blueprints, computer printouts, the transit system and the radio. Virgo is organized intellectual matter.

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