(6)The Twelve Signs: Virgo

Ruled By Mercury (and some say, the undiscovered Vulcan)

August 24-September 22

The second sign after Leo (I rule) is (I serve). – Virgo is the sign of the mother-the process of nurturance, of bringing what is born in Cancer into full adulthood.

Mere ego does not get things done, is the lesson of Virgo. One must be willing to take concrete steps towards that goal and leverage accumulated skills and knowledge that are the right ways to do so. So Virgo can sometimes take a pretty rationalist approach to life, discarding things that don’t seem to help much on the way.

Virgo needs the pioneering spirit of Sagittarius, the faith and sensitivity of Pisces, the body of knowledge of Gemini to do its best.

Virgo, in esoteric lore, is the mother. But not in the sense of giving birth, but by nurturance. Virgo uses the skills to curate something to the point where it is fully ready. The cook who spends hours poring over a recipe, the architect who draws up the plans for that dream house down to the last screw. The teacher who works diligently to impart specific knowledge. All are nurturers of a sort-body, mind, or soul.

Virgo, the Virgin

Virgo is Mutable Earth. Earth signs value stability, mutable means change. The combination for Virgo means that they are periodically testing the foundations and if they are wanting, repairing them.

Virgo Presidents: William Howard Taft, Lyndon Baines Johnson. Both men followed larger than life Presidents, even though LBJ came closer than Taft to the “larger than life” part. The only President to head two branches of government, he was a conservative. However, he continued to support open immigration. He also served during WWI as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Red Cross and was appointed a major general by Wilson to give additional authority to the Red Cross’s work

LBj, yes there was Vietnam, but there were the Civil Rights Acts, the Voting Rights Act, and the Great Society that included Medicare.

William Howard Taft 1909-1913

Lyndon Baines Johnson
22 Nov 1963 – 1969

California, September 9, 1850

August 25, 1825
 August 31, 1957   
Trinidad and Tobago
August 31, 1962
(Old Vietnam) Vietnam 
Sept. 2, 1945 –    
Sept. 3, 1971 – Qatar     Sept. 6, 1968 – Swaziland   
Sept. 7, 1822 – Brazil Sept. 15, 1821 – Costa Rica
Sept. 15, 1821 – Nicaragua     Sept. 15, 1821 – El Salvador 
Sept. 15, 1821 – Guatemala     Sept. 15, 1821 – Honduras  
Sept. 16, 1810 – Mexico  Sept. 16, 1975 – Papua New Guinea
Sept. 18, 1810 – Chile   Sept. 19, 1983 – Saint Kitts and Nevis   
Sept. 21, 1964 – Malta     Sept. 22, 1960 – Mali  

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