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Transformation and alchemy is Pluto. It’s metabolic change that fills in the canyon depths, and changes DNA.

Logically it would go by sign and place in the chart. By House: First (), Second (0), Third (), Fourth (), Fifth (), Sixth (), Seventh (), Eighth (), Ninth (), Tenth (), Eleventh (), Twelfth (). By Sign: (Aries)(Taurus)(Gemini)(Cancer)(Leo)(Virgo)(Libra)(Scorpio)(Sagittarius)(Capricorn)(Aquarius)(Pisces.

Pluto is once again, those “generational” planets. It’s tenure in a sign is so long that an entire generation manifests the attributes of the planet in a sign. However, there are still life-cycle elements as well. Pluto square Pluto (), Pluto sextile Pluto, Pluto trine Pluto, and in a few long-lived cases, Pluto opposition Pluto. Each indicates times of dissolution and transformation.

Well handled, Pluto brings to an end an already decaying and dissolving matter, like melting down an already rusted piece. of metal.

The building stands, but the windows are broken, the roof caving in, and weeds are growing out of the walkway. Pluto will either transform this building into a new use, or tear it down altogether.

That’s the difference between Uranus change and Pluto change. Uranus is jailbreak, Pluto tears down the jail and either builds a better one or teaches the world to live without it.

So, is it “Power to the People” or the “Secret of the Atom”. Or the mass dictatorship that controls everything? Will there be a rebirth?

Pluto retrograde: All that power turned around. Transformation is internal.

Pluto’s shadow side: Instead of eliminating rot, it multiplies.

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