(8)The Twelve Signs: Scorpio

Ruled by Pluto

October 23-November 22

Like Aries, Scorpio is a fighter. But the difference is in what and how Scorpio fights. Scorpio is not only a fighter, but a strategist who manages the whole war. Scorpio controls the fight itself, the reason for the fight.

Scorpio is the next level of Aries. Aries controls battles, Scorpio the war and the reason for the war. Scorpio is the general that rules the entire battlefield and sometimes the war.

Scorpio rules death, but not just the physical death, but the mystery of life and death, both good and bad. The murderer and the investigator of the murder, looking for small clues inside the apparent mess.

Scorpio rules the reproductive process, the combining of energies and genes and atoms that make of a person. Yes, the more ordinary definition says sex, but that’s only half the story. Aries is sex, but Scorpio rules the whole process from start to finish.

Alice Bailey (Esoteric Astrology) talks about Scorpio as a “Triumphant Disciple”. What is a triumphant disciple? The suggestion implies self-mastery over those tendencies that inhibit spiritual and moral growth: it may be excessive sex, it may be excessive acquisition, it may be urges for revenge instead of justice. It can be too deep an acquaintance and interest in the dark arts of life.

Having lived through and overcome, he/she can be a healer, lending experience and understanding to those who need to also overcome. Such an impulse is behind all of the self-help groups. While professionals are very important for the medical and scientific aspects, few understand intimately the struggles involved.

Signs that are part of the same Quality Cross indicates routes of growth for a sign. For Scorpio, Scorpio needs to embrace the objectivity and Universality of Aquarius, the Will and Groundedness of Taurus, and the outreach and personal magnetism of Leo.

Scorpio Presidents: John Adams, James Polk, James Garfield, Teddy Roosevelt, Warren Harding. People expect a Scorpio President to be deeply interested in transformative actions that improve the nation (s). James Garfield didn’t live very long but his actions helped create the Federal Civil Service. No more will applicants ply a President for demands to give him a job. Teddy Roosevelt’s actions regarding conservation made it possible to have something to conserve. James Polk expanded the nation to the Pacific coast, even while he was doing the dark side of slavery, buying and selling slaves while President. However, doing so exacerberated the coming struggle over sectionalism as the South and North fought over the newly acquired lands. Even Warren Harding had his good points: reducing the fever and crusading pitch of Wilson’s Presidency by scaling back his attack on civil liberties, commuting sentences for anti-war opponents held in jail., pulling out of American intervention in South America, recognizing Mexico, spending money on Federal Highways, and pursuing a policy more prone to domestic benefit than fighting the wars of the world.

Scorpio is a Fixed Water Sign, which is another way of saying “ice”. Scorpio outwardly is usually calm and reserved regardless of rising sign. But “still waters run deep”. Quiet demeanor does not mean lack of caring or intensity. Scorpio cares about roots, not the superficial act that does nothing for anything.


04 Mar 1881-19 Sep 1881

1921-02 Aug 1923


14 Sep 1901-1909

North Dakota
November 2, 1889
South Dakota
November 3, 1889
November 8, 1889
North Carolina
October 24, 1964
October 27, 1991  
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
October 27, 1979    
October 29, 1923
United Arab Emirates
November 2, 1971   
Micronesia, Federated States of 
November 3, 1986
November 3, 1903
November 3, 1978

Old Poland
November 11, 1918   
November 11, 1975    
November 9, 1953  

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