Beyond SunSigns: Jupiter

Expansion, justice, generosity-The planet Jupiter represents all of this and so much more. It’s the lucky break, the joke given after a moment of stress. Well placed, it can give money and comfort, not so well placed, at least some relief from hard times.

Where it’s located in a chart is where the entity feels the most generous, the most expansive, the most adventurous.

Jupiter, the planet of generosity
The Planet Jupiter

Jupiter cycles: Ages 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54 and so on. Each of these years has a cycle of growth, and sometimes even excess. Age 6 is the first time there is an awareness of benefits from the outer world. Age 12 is the first Jupiter return. Age 18 is another opposition, where you go out on your own with great expectations and great opportunities. However, the is the need to become aware about where those benefits come from and which direction you have to go into.

Jupiter in the Signs: Aries

Jupiter in the Signs: Taurus

Jupiter in the Signs: Gemini

Jupiter in the Signs: Cancer

Jupiter in the Signs: Leo

Jupiter in the Signs: Virgo

Jupiter in the Signs: Libra. Whenever I think of this placement, I think of Bill Clinton and how this gave him a sunny optimism that things would always turn rightside up. He definitely benefited from the law, interpersonal relationships and his love of beauty.

Jupiter in the Signs: Scorpio

Jupiter in the Signs: Sagittarius. Sagittarius is it’s natural home

Jupiter in the Signs: Capricorn. Benefits come through working with the powers that be, the central government and through the methodical application of effort. Stay friends with your boss and contacts on the Social Register!

Jupiter in the Signs: Aquarius Always be a joiner. Aquarius is the sign of groups-voluntary ones which are created out of affinity.

Jupiter in the Signs: Pisces. O sweet charity and compassion. Give a homeless man a dollar and receive that dollar back at a time when needed. Jupiter here reminds one of the Law of Reciprocity. Jesus had this placement-and not only fed 5,000 without complaint, but many of them gave back as well.

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