(9)The Twelve Signs: Sagittarius

November 23-December 21

Sagittarius-restless, on a quest towards a goal that’s ever distant-indeed, the quest is the thing.. It’s something that could never really satisfy because the appearance of the goal is better than the attained goal itself.

Jupiter rules this sign, which has a lot to say about it’s optimism and expansiveness. There’s a bigger and wider, and even wilder world out there, and Sagittarius wants to be a part of it.

Mutable Fire says it all. Everchanging enthusiasms. Can blow hot and cold towards an objective, especially if the ideal changes. Considered the sign of fanaticism, the range is from adoration to well–less than enthusiasm.

Zachary Taylor -The military winner of the Mexican American war, reluctant candidate, became the first President to not have a prior elected office. Urged New Mexico and California to draft state constitutions instead of becoming territories first.

Franklin Pierce,was probably the most tragic and ineffectual President before the current one. He signed both the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Fugitive Slave Act, which only increased tensions. He also was the first President seeking re-nomination to be rejected by his party. He also was a heavy drinker and lost all 3 of his kids tragically.

Martin Van Buren Pretty complex person. Not fond of abolitionists, he found himself opposing its spread. He was against the immediate annexation of Texas because the slave powers wanted to expand there..He ran as a third party candidate after he was not nominated by his party and got 10% of the vote. He argued that the Founding Fathers favored the eventual abolition of slavery. And on the eve of the Civil War, proposed a constitutional convention for a proposed peace that would end the war.

The United States hasn’t had a Sagittarius President since the beginning of recording media, so no videos here.

Indeed, not since the Civil War even


1849-09 Jul 1850


New Jersey12/18/1787
SurinameNovember 25, 1975
Mauritania November 28, 1960
South Yemen November 30, 1967-1990
Old Panama 28 November 1821
Albania November 28, 1912
Barbados November 30, 1966
United Arab Emirates
December 2, 1971
December 6, 1921
Northern Ireland
December 6, 1921
Cuba(Old Cuba)
10 December 1898
December 16, 1991
December 16, 1971
December 6, 1917

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