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Neptune: Beyond the Veil and into the mists:

There is a world beyond everyday consciousness, and Neptune represents that. It exists, and it can be found through chemistry, mystic practices, or sitting in an incense and candle filled church. Neptune symbolizes that world, and where it is in a chart is where the subject finds that world.

Neptune is once again one of those “generational” planets where the influence of it by sign influences a whole generation in its search for higher ideas and ideals.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. The higher octave of a planet-planets that go beyond the traditional Saturn barrier are more towards deeper spiritual and higher intellectual development. The perspective is longer term and more global in nature.

Where Venus is personal love, the love of daily beauty, and reciprocal love, Neptune is love of all humanity, love of ideals and the yearning for greater harmony in the world. It’s the charity worker who works to help those in need without needing recompense from the the helped. It’s the monk who meditates all day long on Jesus and hopes for just a glimpse of the Holy Spirit. It’s the artist that creates rose windows for chapels, films for everyone to see, rituals that trigger the deeper connections for humanity.

Needless to say, such a love is hard and distant, just like the movies where one sees an idea or an ideal and one cannot directly participate in the action.

Where does all this manifest in a chart? Neptune in the Houseses: Neptune in the First and Rising: () Neptune in the Second: (money from or is an illusion: vague sources of funding) Neptune in the Third (), Neptune in the Fourth, (and bottom of the chart), Neptune in the Fifth (), Neptune in the Sixth, Neptune in the Seventh (), Neptune in the Eighth (), Neptune in the Ninth (), Neptune in the Tenth (and at the top of the chart), Neptune in the Eleventh (), Neptune in the Twelfth ().

Neptune in the Signs: (Aries)(Taurus)(Gemini)(Cancer)(Leo)(Virgo)(Libra)(Scorpio)(Sagittarius)(Capricorn)(Aquarius)(Pisces). Neptune’s orbit is 156 years, so no one will have a full circuit of this in their chart. The best way to observe a Neptune return will be in babies where Neptune goes back and forth over their birth point. Indeed it’s true for most; Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. While it’s possible to live to 84 (Uranus), the last 2 just aren’t possible without advances in cyrogenics and such.

In a baby, the Neptune return may well be what activates the mystic in the child while it also experiences colic, so to speak.

The Shadow Side of Neptune: The drug addict, the insane living in their delusions, the mystic who sacrifices humanity and charity for their religious/spiritual ideals, refusing to see people as people. All are lost in the forest of illusion.

Neptune retrograde may force a person to re-access their beliefs and delusions. Be careful of sophorics during this time.

Gustaf Holst’s Neptune

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