(12)The Twelve Signs: Pisces

February 20-March 20

Ruled By Neptune

Pisces is the “summing it all up sign”. Having achieved the goals of Capricorn, found the love of humanity in Aquarius, Pisces is ready to sacrifice all for the greater good. It is believed that Jesus was a Pisces. When you consider the Bible stories of both his compassion, spiritual insight, mystical sensitivity, it’s not surprising. Also his refusal to take an Earthly crown as well.

Pisces is the wandering monk who will hand a beggar apiece of his bread on the way to the temple, a banker who gives up his job to work at the Peace Corps, a medium who gives a reading to a homeless man

Its considered a receptive sign, a sign more likely to wait than take the initiative, to listen to that still small voice.

Signs square or opposite a Sun Sign give indications of where growth can occur. Pisces needs the intellectual development and communication skills of Gemini, the practical service orientation of Virgo, and the confidence and assertiveness of Sagittarius.

George Washington, Andrew Jackson, James Madison, Grover Cleveland George Washington exerted his Pisces qualities by self-limiting his power, by exercising mercy towards captured and defeated British soldiers.

Andrew Jackson at least helped the common man by expanding democracy, despite the other horrific things he did. Plus he beat back secession at a time when the United States could not have survived the breakup.

Grover Cleveland beat back Republican attempts to limit immigration, which proved to be a lifeline for many people who might have died in WWI and WWII.

Pisces is “Mutable Water“. Feelings are flexible and adaptable to the cirumstances of the moment. Pisces will quietly adapt.

George Washington


James Madison


james madison pisces

Andrew Jackson


andrew jackson pisces

Grover Cleveland


grover cleveland pisces

March 1, 1803
March 1, 1867
Republic of Texas
2 March 1836-1845
March 4, 1791
March 15, 1820

Dominican Republic
February 27, 1844
Bosnia and Herzegovina
March 1, 1992
March 6, 1957
March 11 1990
March 12, 1968
Italy (Prewar)
17 March 1861-1946
March 20, 1956

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