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“Working in a coal mine” “I’ve been to the mountaintop” Saturn is the restrictions and discipline of life. Eat your peas, pick up your clothes, save your money. Saturn is the framework of life, the borders, the boundaries.

Saturn is often maligned, maybe because it reminds us of our obligations, makes us work, reminds us of the passing of time. But we appreciate the guardrails on the rollercoaster, don’t we? Or the rewards of hard work?

It is, according to stuff cribbed from Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology, “the presentation of opportunity”. And in many ways, it is. Opportunity to do, or be what? Logically it would go by sign and place in the chart. By House: First (Disciplined Self-Expression. You dress pretty conservatively), Second (Ordering your money, managing financial limitations), Third (Careful Speech, Community Organizer), Fourth (Get Your Home Together), Fifth (), Sixth (Managing Job and Health Restrictions-hard worker), Seventh (Marriage and Partnership can be restrictive at times), Eighth (), Ninth (Religious and Philosophical Restrictions and Discipline-Monastery or Convent?), Tenth (You Manage The World-Or Try To), Eleventh (Contrained by Friends, or living and dealing with Structured Groups.), Twelfth ().

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The Shadow Side of Saturn: Repression sometimes, the other could be lack of discipline or organization.
Both can lead to incomplete projects, poorly done work, or even sabotage.

Saturn Retrograde: Even more repression, or not enough discipline and organization to make things work. How many times do the hidden flaws in a plan come out during such a period, as the results of poor organization become manifest?Turning the energy inside can deepen depression.Repression can lead to missed opportunity.

Working in a Coal Mine

Perhaps Saturn gets its bad rap because older Astrologers suffered so under a strict hierarchical regime that punished/rewarded people who were a little out of the norm. And astrologers, even Court Astrologers, were out of the norm even while they serviced the royal family and retainers.

But since the Uranus/Pluto explosion of the mid 60’s, astrologers have been mostly free to be themselves, along with an opener social media. No longer having to beg for media time, placate college professors, or worrying about divines, people have had a greater appreciation of what Saturn brings to the table. When it means achievement, self-discipline and self-employment rather than repression.

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