(10)The Twelve Signs: Capricorn

December 22-January 20

Ruled by Saturn

From the quest of Sagittarius to the goal oriented Capricorn. While Sagittarius is content with an ever changing goal, Capricorn has a goal and is determined to get to that goal-and even has a blueprint for the goal itself.

The challenge for Capricorn is to get past mere selfish ambition for one’s own sake and to commit to creating a higher ground for everybody.. Martin Luther King did that. He gave up what would have been an ordinary ambition to be, say, the most influential minister in town for the goals of the Civil Rights Movement.

Capricorn/Aries/Libra/Cancer Capricorn needs the assertiveness and the self-esteem of Aries, the respect for law and justice of Libra, and the compassion of Cancer to be truly evolved as a human being.

Millard Fillmore is more of the ambition part of Capricorn. He was born into deep poverty, with little formal education. But he rose to be a prominent part of the state, and became the last Whig President. He tried to save the Union several times: through the Compromise of 1850, which included the hated Fugitive Slave Act. (Millard opposed Slavery but felt the U.S Government had no authority in this matter), by running as the American Party candidate in 1856, and supported the policies of Andrew Johnson regarding Reconstsruction. He was also a supporter of the Know Nothing Party, odious in its hatred of Catholics and Foreigners, as Abraham Lincoln would later say.

Andrew Johnson Another tragic Capricorn. Let his resentments and longings to be accepted by the Southern Elites into practically appeasing the the Secessionists. So bad Congress had the first impeachment, having survived by one vote.

Woodrow Wilson . Defeated Germany and tried to win the peace, but he also made America more hostile to minorities and had the Red Scare, not trusting American to stay true to the war without demonizing pacifists and others.

Richard Nixon. Tragic figure in more ways than one. He opened up the world to China, no doubt saving us from another World War, but his resentment led to Watergate.

Cardinal Earth: The four Cardinal Signs regulate how we organize as people. Capricorn builds a social structure that crosses the tribal lines of Cancer, the relationships of Libra, and definitely subsumes the individualism of Aries. An example is tax law-you must pay regardless of who’s in office, It’s all numbers and all rules.

09 Jul 1850-1853


15 Apr 1865 – 1869

1969-09 Aug 1974

December 24, 1951
January 1, 1960
January 1, 1993
January 1, 1804
January 1, 1901
January 1, 1962
January 1, 1984
Czech Republic
January 1, 1993
January 4, 1948
January 1, 1956
Antigua and Barbuda
January 11, 1981
Germany (Unification)
January 18, 1871

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