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The celestial symbol for the Moon

The moon, on a more universal scale, is concerned about public emotions and sensitivity. Patriotism and other public It’s everyday public opinion and sensitivity as well. Every two days, the n ews changes according to Moon Sign/and monthly with moon phases.

The Moon, our closest celestial body, is the body that is concerned with sensitivity, both physical and emotional. Where it is in a chart/Sign/House is where we are most involved emotionally, where we invest our feelings the most.

The New Moon is the start of the celestial month. Good time for starting something fresh with the concentrated energy. Things build towards a culmination with the First Quarter, reaching a peak at the Full Moon. Then energies begin to drop off after the Full Moon going towards the Last Quarter until the focused energy of the Next New Moon.

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And now some videos:

“Fly Me To the Moon”.

The Moon represents the feminine principle in astrology. Receptive and flexible, feeling the vibes and “just knowing”.

There is an immediate emotional reaction and instant connection where the Moon in a chart is.

Things to do when you when you get that personal chart? The qualities of where and what sign you moon is will give you more of an idea of how you express your instincts and feelings:

Moon in a Sign:

Moon in A House:

Phases of the Moon

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