(4)The Twelve Signs: Cancer

June 22-July 22

Cancer-nurturing, patriotic, a loyal member of the tribe. According to Esoteric Astrology: Cancer also rules mass consciousness, the “sense of the common man”. Was there a real sense of populism before the founding of the United States, with it’s Cancer Sun? Perhaps a somewhat chaotic one, but the idea that the non-titled man had rights, at least human ones?

Cancer is seen as a receptive sign, a sign that reacts more than takes the initiative. Cancer is moved more by emotions and sensitivities than by ideas-no matter how lofty.

Looking at the signs that square a sign gives the moral/and intellectual challenges needed to expand and grow. Cancer must learn to embrace more of the individual (Aries), Aries is the ability to become an individual if growth requires it, without giving up the nurturing side. Libra is the partnership-the ability to consciously make alliances, and not simply make the tribe’s opinion a substitute for justice. Capricorn makes Cancer come out of the house and deal with the rest of the world.

Cancer Presidents: John Quincy Adams , the first of several U.S Presidents who had family ties to another one. Son of John Adams, second President of the United States. Second (and so far last) President elected by Congressional vote. Mostly successful in internal improvements-“roads and bridges and canals”. A few modest successes in trade, but his non-partisan approach to politics made him many enemies, and he was unable to im plement his ambitious agenda like a national observatory or a Naval Academy

Calvin Coolidge: Silent Cal supposedly channeled the longings of the average man. First Presidential Speech on the radio. Called for lynching to be a Federal Crime. Kellogg-Briand Pact Denouncing War. Normalized relations with Central America

Gerald Ford Accidental President never got a term of his own, neither elected President or Vice President. Appointed to the Warren Commission, eventually awarded in 2001 the Profile in Courage Award. He also established a Federal mandate for Special Education..

George Walker Bush: Another President who was the son of another President, who basically ran to “avenge” his father’s defeat. Mostly reponsible for the Second Gulf War-which ended in a stalemate at best, and the Great Recession of 2008.

Cancer is Cardinal Water. Cardinal takes the initiative, and water is considered feelings. The creative metaphor is “running water”, water that acts on the world around it.


09 Aug 1974-1977

03 Aug 1923-1929


Laos/July 19, 1949

Argentina/July 9, 1816

Madagascar/June 26,1960

Burundi/Jul 1, 1962

Somalia/June 26, 1960

Democratic Republic of the Congo/June 30, 1960

Rwanda/July 1, 1962

The Bahamas/July 10, 1973

Cape Verde/July 5, 1975

Kiribati/July 12, 1979

Canada/July 1, 1867

Colombia/July 20, 1810

Argentina/July 19, 1816


July 3, 1890
July 10, 1890
June 25, 1788
12 July 1806
9 July 1816
20 July 1810
5 July 1811
1 July 1867
13 July 1878-1914
13 July 1878
July 11, 1921
July 4, 1946
July 19, 1949
June 26, 1960
June 26, 1960
Democratic Republic of the Congo
June 30, 1960
July 1, 1960
July 1, 1962
July 1, 1962
July 5, 1962
July 6, 1964
The Bahamas
July 10, 1973
June 25, 1975
Cape Verde
July 5, 1975
São Tomé and Principe
July 12, 1975
Solomon Islands
July 7, 1978
June 29, 1976
June 27, 1977
July 12, 1979
June 25, 1991
United States
4 July 1776

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