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Mars rules the physical body and its senses-touch, hearing, instinct Where Mars is is where we may be most sensitive in our physical senses.

“To fight the fight, to win the war”. From the play Hamilton That’s what the protagonist does in Hamilton, and what he does later in founding his new nation. That’s Mars-the struggle to first, survive, and then grow and thrive. It’s the energy we expend getting things done.

What leads us to act, to do, to be, to struggle? The Signs, aspects, and house positions give us a clue here. Just what do we do to reach a goal?

We are very much aware of the shadow side of Mars. Turn on the Eleven o’clock news. Unrestrained, unfocused aggression leads to tragedy of one kind or another.

Getting into useless fights, turning anger onto oneself. Sometimes it’s the refusal to fight necessary fights. The result isn’t peace, but indolence in the face of challenges. Many things have to be fought for and struggled with in order for improvement to take place. This isn’t pacifism, where people consciously decide to partake in war, but instead channel one’s efforts into preventing and ending it, or at the very least healing the results. It’s refusal to see that struggle of some kind must take place in the situation.

Mars also is concerned with sex-the physical part. It’s the urge to procreate, to make love, to feel passion. Getting together with someone requires effort and confidence. That’s Mars.

Mars retrograde: Could it be having to refight fights, making efforts about something that was already done, . To refight the fight, and re-win the war? Aggression can be turned inward with Mars retrograde. You may find that the greatest struggle is within.

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