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March 21-April 19

“I gotta be me”. “I am what I am”. That’s Aries. Thomas Jefferson, our Aries President, would have said those words more elegantly but none the less said them. I am unique and independent-that’s Aries.

Aries likes to create-something.

Aries is an active sign, taking the initiative, starting the fires and the fighting for those new ideas. Unlike Scorpio, who fights the war, Aries takes a more personal approach to the struggle.

Aries energy is good for birth and rebirth-the spark of energy that leads to renewal.

Signs squaring a Sign give suggestions for growth. Cancer-Aries needs to be more sensitive to the needs of family and the tribe. Libra-sometimes Aries needs partners and the ability to judge a situation rightly. Capricorn-Fire in the Fireplace-enthusiasm needs a vehicle to actually get something done. Aries needs to draw on the goal orientation and institutional knowledge of Capricorn to keep the fire going long enough for success.

Aries in considered a youthful sign. No matter how old Aries is, they never quite lose that youthfulness, that sense of taking the initiative. Think of Jefferson, who was revolutionary, inventor. Perhaps that’s why there are only two Aries Presidents. Aries may be too brash and argumentative for the give and take of electoral politics.

Aries Presidents: Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler. Thomas Jefferson the brash revolutionary, John Tyler insisting he was a full President, not an acting one.

Fire in the pot

Cardinal Fire. Cardinal Signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) take the initiative. Cardinal Fire. Cardinal for initiative, fire for enthusiasm. Aries is a self-starter who creates his own fire. And what kind of fire? Aries fights for a cause, for ideas, in self-defense.

Thomas Jefferson, born April 13
John Tyler, born March 29
25 March 1821  
Kingdom of Romania 
26 March 1881
Kingdom of Great Britain
26 March 1707
March 25, 1918
April 17, 1946
April 4, 1960
March 21, 1990

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