The Twelve Signs: Aries

March 21-April 19

The First Sign of the Western Zodiac, Aries is about beginnings, the spark of life, the first warm breezes of spring.”I gotta be me”. “I am what I am”. That’s Aries. Thomas Jefferson, our Aries President, would have said those words more elegantly but none the less said them.

Aries struggles and fights on a personal level for justice and ideas. Unity through effort-the defeat of wrong and the defense of right-of the actions of actually bringing things together.

Aries is a Fire Cardinal Sign, moved to action by passion and the release of energy.

Thomas Jefferson, born April 13

Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743-July 4, 1826

President of the United States and Buyer of the Louisiana Purchase, Founding Father, Author of the Declaration of Independence

John Tyler, born March 29

John Tyler, (March 29, 1790- January 18, 1862)-The First President to succeed one who died in office. He also served in the Confederate Congress-another sign he really wasn’t a team player.

April 17, 1946
25 March 1821  
Kingdom of Romania 
26 March 1881
March 21, 1990
Belarusian People’s Republic (Old Belarus)
March 25, 1918
April 4, 1960
April 4, 1960
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