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Seven Years in A Sign

“The world turned upside down”. The “Internationale” “She Blinded Me With Science”

Uranus-the revolutionary who throws a brick through the palace window. And then replaces a golden throne with an elected body so that people can govern themselves. No more inbred heirs or their equally inbred noble class. Government is transparent, and participatory. No more rule by an inexplicable and unequal tradition. Which is always one-way. People can now not only speak to government, but government must now speak to them, and listen, and heed what they have to say.

And anyone can be a leader. No more rule by accidents of marriage and of birth.

The question is how do you handle freedom, and the knowledge that it brings? Uranus, through its 84 year cycle-and by the way, thanks to the medical technology and innovations that the revolutionary Uranus in Virgo/Pluto in Virgo conjunction brought, more of us actually will get to see that 84th birthday.

Uranus, the innovator, the independent. Saturn has its place, but tradition for tradition’s sake becomes both stale and useless after a while. Uranus’s job is to break artificial barriers, to sweep out the old and useless.

Also, after Saturn, these are the planets that have to do with life changes on a profound level. Uranian changes: Uranus square Uranus (more on that later), age 21, indicates the rebelliousness and break-away nature of young adulthood. Uranus (age 42), is the midlife crisis, age 63 (retirement and renewal), Age 84 (final liberation, usually from life itself, but some live long enough to finally break free from all the responsibilities of the past). 14, 28,35,46 give opportunities to easily get rid of confining obligations, constructive chances to open up and renew.

Uranus is also the ruler of technology animated by the invisible waves of power-electricity, steam, nuclear, burning fossil fuels. This has freed endless people from a life of endless, mindless toil. This has opened up space for private lives as artificial illumination-first by gaslight, then by lightbulb, gave hours to people instead of forcing them to short days and long nights.

Uranus wants to better conditions-how does that different from Jupiter charity? Uranus wants to do systematic improvements-to build a system that raises all boats regardless of personal connection or belief systems. This is the impetus behind the various isms that rose through the post 1781 world and still continues today.

Uranus is also the upper octave of Mercury. The intellect, powered by ideas that expand the mind and techniques that expand the mind’s reach-radio, television, the telegraph. All techniques that help someone communicate with the world

It is often said that what helped end slavery was the ability to make and grow things without needing to chain people to the work desk or the plow. When a machine can make things faster than a human, when a plow powered by steam can do more than a herd of farmers, people are freed to do other things. There are no more need for gangs of slaves. But also there are the communications that bring the truth about it to concerned people. It is also technology that increased the demand for cotton, and made the concern international-by forcing the issue beyond a few cotton plantations and a few tobacco plantations. As long as it was slowly fading away, the issue could be ignored by many.

The Internationale was only possible in an industrial world. Men gathered together in factories placed in cities freed from the dominance of feudal lords. This enabled the ability to make personal and group connections that transcended geography and background. A Machinist was a machinist regardless of anything else. And often the work force came from all over: the nation, the region, the world. Poles worked with Italians, Gemans worked with Frenchmen. Farm boys worked with urban dwellers who needed a job. Solidarity Forever!

Uranus retrograde: What happens when the urge for change turns inward? Perhaps its restlessness. Perhaps the urge to rebel turns self-destructive, rebelling against things that should be obeyed.

The Shadow Side of Uranus: The shadow side of Uranus turns counter-revolutionary while espousing the words of it. People are repressed again in the name of freedom and ideology.

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