(11)The Twelve Signs:Aquarius

January 21-February 19

Ruled By Uranus

Aquarius is group and community-minded, carrying water for humanity. Having achieved the goals of Capricorn, Aquarius is ready to serve the rest of the world.

The opposite sign from Leo, Aquarius has reached the point, where, while retaining one’s self-identity, can voluntarily subsume their ego into working towards a greater goal. Legislatures and teams are prime examples of this. Each team member/legislative member has their strengths/constituency with their demands, but they submit to party discipline/team discipline for a win/goal.

Also, unlike the Leo who flies solo, Aquarius likes to distribute and network for mutual benefit, instead of just hoarding or taking all the credit.

Signs opposite and square a sign give indications of what a Sign needs to deepen and grow. Aquarius needs the depth and battle of Scorpio, the determination and stability of Taurus, the self-esteem and self-activation of Leo.

William Henry Harrison

Abraham Lincoln

William McKinley

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Ronald Reagan

All of the Aquarian Presidents we have had so far have died in office, with the exception of Ronald Reagan, and it almost happened with him too. Perhaps its because we only turn to Aquarians in times of great struggle, which in turn consumes the President one way or another.

Aquarius is Fixed Air, which is easily translated into “ideologue” Aquarius has definite and lasting beliefs. While the ideologue has beliefs, Aquarius has a fixed a permanent world view.

William Henry Harrison


William Henry Harrison

Abraham Lincoln


abraham lincoln
William McKinley

william mckinley
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

franklin delano roosevelt
Ronald Reagan


ronald reagan

1841- 1841

1897-14 Sep 1901


1861-15 Apr 1865

1933-12 Apr 1945

January 23, 1579
January 23, 1719
February 7, 1974
Sri Lanka 
February 4, 1948
Vatican City 
February 11, 1929
February 17, 2008
Gambia, The
February 18, 1965

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