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Vintage Cat Moon Sea Leaves
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“Fly Me To the Moon”.

The Moon represents the feminine principle in astrology. Receptive and flexible, feeling the vibes and “just knowing”.

There is an immediate emotional reaction and instant connection where the Moon in a chart is.

Where it is, in sign and house, is where we have these reactions. First (Emotions are immediately apparent) , Second, (), Third(), Fourth(Home Sweet Home at Times), Fifth,() Sixth(_), Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth,Eleventh(), Twelfth().

Aries:Taurus:Gemini:Cancer:Leo:Virgo: Libra: Scorpio: Sagittarius: Restless, crusading, calm down some. Capricorn: Pretty Reserved Here.Aquarius: Pisces:/

The moon goes around the Zodiac every 28 days, with it spending 2 days in each sign. One thing I learned while on the radio show was the news tracked closely with the sign the Moon was in. Aries, fights,,,,,and so on every month.

The Shadow side of the Moon: overly emotional regardless of the actual strength of the stimulus, living solely on instinct. Sometimes can overwhelm the better angels, like when getting into a mob or piling into a double layered lemon merangue pie.

The Moon never goes retrograde.

The Phases of the Moon: New, First Quarter, Full, Last Quarter, down to New again. Each phase is significant. The New Moon is beginnings. In the First Dark of the Moon, it is time to plant and to plan and to finish the energies of the last lunation. First Quarter: Waxing energy, build the wave. The Full Moon: waves have hit the shore, peak energy. The Last Quarter: Wrap it up, watch the waves flow out.

Phases of the Moon

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