Resources Beyond Here

Learning about astrology shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg for a beginner. These resources are free or low cost. Money should be later when one knows what they want to do, and where they want to go. Money is also if you want someone else to read and interpret a chart (like I do), and have a phone consultation. My time is valuable, so I charge $75 for a written reading.
Free readings and paid interpretations and specialty charts
Free astrological software
Astrology Discussion Group
Paid programs-I use this one.
Astrodienist, Free Charts, Paid Readings
Old Fashioned Blank Chart Wheel. The difference is that there’s an aspect grid that helps you outline the aspects on the front of the chart.
Free Blank Chart Wheels

blank chart one Downloadable Chart Blank

I still love doing paper charts, even though the computer now does the math. Paper charts allow for taking notes in the margin, and gives a client something to hold on to.
Free Graphics

Even in the world of computer generated charts, paper charts has the advantage of allowing notes and having copies made.

One advantage of paid over free in software is that you can get regular updates on it, and extension packs if you are interested in more esoteric parts. Also, if you want to go professional, professional software comes with the permission to use it commercially.


More Resources: The Repository. Check the back pages of the wiki, reserved for more obscure and detailed information.