Twelfth (The Secret Hospital)

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“St James Infirmary” “Folsom Prison Blues” “Secret Agent Man” “The Godfather” The twelfth is the hidden world, shadows under the steps. Back doors that lead out to a grove of trees unseen from the street. The subbasement with stashed heirlooms.

The spy who works behind the scenes with only clandestine credit. Proud of the work, but can’t talk about much of it.

The Prisoner/Patient, instituonalized, watiting for the day of release. It’s supposed to be also a time of healing: for the prisoner, of the issues leading to confinement. For the patient, a quiet time to concentrate on healing away from the pressures of daily life that the patient is too ill to handle anyway.

The underworld, where financial transactions are clandestine, illegal. It’s the inner reality that underlies the appearance that the First House is concerned with. It’s the threshold before birth.

Its institutions where one is hidden away-hospitals, prisons, secret bases. It’s work that deals with the hidden-spies and secret agents-the underworld which makes money off of people’s secrets. It’s hidden enemies and dangers-plots, land mines-rotting supports of a bridge.

Now the twelfth isn’t all bad. Beneficial planets here like Jupiter or Venus can provide hidden reserves of strength, of money, of support. Money passed from someone who while not being able to be seen with you, is in your corner. Hidden bank accounts, secret friends, a sudden reserve of strength and hope when most needed.

It can be a house of healing. The twelfth rules retreats, hospitals, where one can deal with long-standing hidden issues isolated from the hubbub of the world.

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