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Trine (120 degrees)

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Easy Flow of Energy with Signs that have the same element (fire/fire), water/water, air/air, earth/earth. Aries/Leo, Taurus/Virgo, Gemini/Libra, Cancer/Scorpio, Leo/Sagittarius, Virgo/Capricorn, Libra/Aquarius, Scorpio/Pisces.

Trines are considered easy, and most of the time they are. Not always lucky, but whatever happens is easy and almost automatic.

Gemini trine Libra
Cancer trine Scorpio
Leo trine Sagittarius
Virgo trine Capricorn
Libra trine Aquarius
Scorpio trine Pisces
Sagittarius trine Aries
Capricorn trine Taurus
Aquarius trine Gemini
Pisces trine Cancer
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