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“Wont you be my neighbor?”. School Days, School Days. When all is said and done, the Third deals with our initial contacts with the world-the kids we sat with in first grade, the siblings we learned to get along with-the people in the neighborhood and next door. Its those multiple short trips we take for work and around town.

It even rules the short-distance, short term communications we deal with. Local mail, local media, local newspapers. Everyday communications that we need and make life go smoothly.

The Sign that is on this angle and its ruler will tell you what kind of stuff you have to deal with. Aries-pretty athletic neighborhood-a lot of dog walkers, joggers, folks doing kung fu exercises in the courtyard. Not a lot of joiners with this sign. Taurus-the neighborhood emphases stability. Garden city with lots of fences and people who just don’t move. Strong-willed folks who resist change. Gemini-multiple moves, multiple facets. How many bus stops are here? Cancer-family oriented with an emphasis on fitting in. Very patriotic with a fair number of kids. Leo- everybody wants a castle, even if they really can’t afford one. Virgo-Very neat with an emphasis on perfection. Pick up your trash and carry it with you!. Libra- emphasis on getting along and beauty. Social to the max. Scorpio-do you really know your neighbors that well? Sagittarius-keep that basketball hoop up, and prepare for a lot of immigrant neighbors-college types, transients looking for more in life. Capricorn-status plus. Be sure you know the power players, and your ettiquette. Aquarius-lots of tech folks, unusual and independent people. Pisces-nurturing. The doors are always open for those in need. Mediatotrs welcome.

Planets in a House: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,Neptune, Pluto.

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