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The Mathematical Side of Astrology

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There is a surprising amount of math in astrology. Getting a chart calculated for the exact time of your birth and day of birth is one.

Calculating transits and progressions requires more.

And elements of the chart and aspects between them are important as well and must be calculated as well.

Some basic numbers:

Conjunction-0-17 degrees apart.

Sextile 60 degrees apart

Square 90 degrees apart

Trine-120 degrees apart

Quincunx-150 degrees apart

Opposition-180 degrees apart.

There are tables that are used to calculate planetary motion in a day, called logorithms-now done by computers, log tables were used because an ephemeris, with planets places calculated for either Noon Greenwich Time, or Midnight Greenwich Time, was not sufficient to take into account the difference in either time nor place of a chart.

And let’s not forget that clock time is recorded as is, so if a time was recorded during DST, the celestial clock is one hour earlier than the civil clock.

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