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Square (90 degrees)

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Fabric Texture Pattern Textile
Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

Squares-covert conflict. Grand Crosses where everything in the same quality square one another. Think Aries/Cancer, Taurus/Leo, Gemini/Virgo, Cancer/Libra, Leo/Scorpio, Virgo/Sagittarius, Libra/Capricorn, Scorpio/Aquarius, Sagittarius/Pisces. Or Fire/Water, Earth/Fire, Air/Water. Fire douses the emotions of Water. Fire hardens Earth/

Taurus square Leo
Gemini square Virgo
Cancer square Libra
Leo square Scorpio
Virgo square Sagittarius
Libra square Capricorn
Scorpio square Aquarius
Sagittarius square Pisces
Capricorn square Aries
Aquarius square Taurus
Pisces square Gemini

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