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Didgeman / Pixabay

Sixty degrees apart the sextile is an aspect that’s mildly positive-a chance for cooperation and balance.


Think Aries/Gemini, Taurus/Cancer, Gemini/Leo, Cancer/Virgo, Leo/Libra, Virgo/Scorpio, Libra/Sagittarius, Scorpio/Capricorn, Sagittarius/Aquarius, Capricorn/Pisces, Aquarius/Aries, Pisces/Taurus.

Aries/Gemini. Use of language for self-defense, good with the dozens. You make it clear who you are and what you want Multiple fights, usually successful with this combination.

Taurus/Cancer Mother Earth, earthy mother. Runs the homestead and maybe even the village.

Gemini/Leo. Class clown, or class orator. Writing with a sense of drama and flair. Might write speeches with the view of both an audience and route to power.

Cancer/Virgo. The combination has the opportunity to bring out the full nurturing and service capacities of Virgo and Cancer. Cancer brings forth and Virgo is the process of raising. Cancer cares, but Virgo brings out the methodology of caring.

Leo/Libra: The ballet show! Prima Ballerina! The Queen of the Art Show!

Virgo/Scorpio: The investigator with a microcsope who finds those red carpet fibers on the discarded sweater.

Libra/Sagittarius: Love, aspiration and travel. Travel Agent, Art Tourist,

Scorpio/Capricorn; Secret Mountain Climber. Never would have been caught on that Mt. Everest traffic jam, preferring something less crowded-like that mountain that has never really been named because few have seen, let alone lived after climbing it.

Sagittarius/Aquarius: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Or you?

Capricorn/Pisces: Manager of the retreat, Church political strategist/board/caretaker.

Aquarius/Aries: Very individualistic and will fight for it. A step or two ahead of everybody simply because you really want to go on your own.

Pisces/Taurus. Stubborn sense of service. Here I will stand, and no other.

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