Eighth (Passing, and it on)

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Love Money Adult Sex Prostitution
RJA1988 / Pixabay

“Sexual Healing” “Lullaby” “We’re In the Money” The Eighth House….money you get from other entities-welfare, transfer payments, inheritances, lottery. In short, it’s passive money, money gotten by other means than direct investments or the sweat of ones brow. It’s money you get from partnerships-marital or legal. Sex…and death…the life cycle

The investment banker takes his inheritance and invests it in the stock market.

Death is a reality for everyone, and is also a mystery for most. It is also a mechanism for the transfer of property from one generation to the next.

Sex…who do you sleep with, and do you even sleep with anyone?

Other people’s money besides inheritances: transfer payments that are unearned, loans, grants, lottery payouts…

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