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How to Quickly Read Your Chart

How do you read your chart? First find out where the Sun is: The Sun is the pivot part of the chart. The Sun, location and sign colors the entire chart. It also indicates the most important issue the chart has to discuss. Look for where the Moon     The moon rules your instincts, emotions, and to a degree your rapport with the general public. This is your “instinct” your “feel”. Next Look at the […]

How To Get an Accurate Birth Time

How to get the right birth time. Having the right time gives a more accurate reading of-well, just about anything. But what if you don’t have your birth certificate/hospital chart/camcorder at hand? Here are a few links: What do you do here if one isn’t available? Depending on when and document retention rules, there may be some medical records available. Newspaper birth announcements, check your local newspaper at the time of your birth. There […]

The General Comments Post (Sticky)

This post is for anyone who wants to show up and make comments on the site, the articles. Constantly up so that everyone can access this. Also, I’m looking for contributors to the Repository. I don’t know everything about astrology-not even close. So if you are interested in being a contributor/co-author, please email me If you already have something published (online or otherwise) even better. If not join the fray at the Townsquare and discuss the […]

I’m Done!

I have finished the essential parts of this site! Felt for a while I wouldn’t be able to, but I’ve done it!. Now the knowledgebase (Repository) really isn’t done…but then something like this is never really done, is it, as long as there’s information to be had. And with that, I am going to have people submit articles for publication there to, and there ‘s a membership signup, and with membership comes the ability […]


Apologies, and multiple ones until the first phase of this site is done. When I first set it up, I had redirection issues with the site as a whole. That took some hours to fix, talking with the site host. Then today, apparently there was a secret page I was unaware of at the knowledge base that didn’t exist. Thanks for everyone who has come by and looked at it. There’s a lot of lorem, […]