About Me

I grew up a small child marvelling at the Moon that peeped through the trees, and sitting on the porch watching the cars go by as the sun set below the radio tower.

It was a time of exploration-space trips in school, the Moon landing when I was eleven on the black and white tv.

I was too young, and brought up in a too churchy environment to actually meditate then, but once I got into Jr high I ran into a book on Christian Mediation. Too much ADD to actually focus (and I found out years later I needed medication, not meditation)

It was also the time when every month without fail, Dell would put out those little booklets about astrology-mostly Sun Sign stuff, but maybe a little more advanced stuff as well. I read them all, loved all the colorful stuff. It was all colorful-American Astrology and Dell, Almanacs and Linda Goodman.

When I was a teenager, more experienced books about Astrology came on the shelves, and at the age of 20 I had my first chart done-not very accurate-my mother’s time was 30 minutes off of the hospital time.

I then went on to about 20 years of radio work that ended when I started working nights and my mentor died. I couldn’t keep up with the meetings, having to keep my sleep rhythms, and the show for the same reason.

While never quite giving up my interest completely, I was cut off from just about everything until I was finally able to get on the internet and find a virtual group through Democratic Underground (look it up).

I also had to shake off a few fears as well about the end of the world and such too.

I have never really hung out my shingle, so to speak. I’m not much for inperson consulting, and the money just wasn’t there for an office.

But one thing retirement gives me-is time. So if you are willing to be one of my first clients, please email me at the address with your details (time, place, date)

Other than that, I am a writer who hopes to be an author some day.

This wiki is the culmination of a 20 year dream. Over twenty years I have tried to create a site where one could get basic information about astrology without paying a premium of some kind. And it’s needed. While it’s nice, fellow astrologers, to start talking shop, and some have succumbed to little more than newspaper stuff,, a newbie is left wondering, “what are they talking about?”. Here is a place where one can find the missing link and get a clue on all of the jargon.

The internet is littered with my attempts. Aquariusmoon.info, some stuff on Yahoo, Geocities, and an attempt on domania.net. Moving from server to server, first hand-coding pages, then building from html editors. If you find them, please be kind.

Introducing the Repository: The Repository is the wiki part of this site. What’s a Repository, according to the dictionary, It’s a place of storage. Since I have downloads as well as references, I call it that.

The Repository is searchable, of course, by keywords and documents, and once I get-co-authors, those as well.

Sincerely Yours,