How To Get an Accurate Birth Time

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How to get the right birth time. Having the right time gives a more accurate reading of-well, just about anything.

But what if you don’t have your birth certificate/hospital chart/camcorder at hand?

Here are a few links:

What do you do here if one isn’t available?

Depending on when and document retention rules, there may be some medical records available. Newspaper birth announcements, check your local newspaper at the time of your birth. There are baptismal certificates, birth announcements in other media, and these days Twitter and Facebook for the kids.

If no record is available, there can be a better-than nothing method called a solar chart, where we cast a chart for the place of birth on the date of birth at 6 or 12 am and do a reading that way.

There’s even rectification,where we take events that have happened to you and work backwards to find an approximate time of birth. Not often done, though. A solar chart gets you 85% of the way or so on a lot of things.

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