The Wiki and Why

This wiki is the culmination of a 20 year dream. Over twenty years I have tried to create a site where one could get basic information about astrology without paying a premium of some kind. And it’s needed. While it’s nice, fellow astrologers, to start talking shop, and some have succumbed to little more than newspaper stuff,, a newbie is left wondering, “what are they talking about?”. Here is a place where one can find the missing link and get a clue on all of the jargon.

The internet is littered with my attempts., some stuff on Yahoo, Geocities, and an attempt on Moving from server to server, first hand-coding pages, then building from html editors. If you find them, please be kind. But I finally have the time and space to make this a big place.

Introducing the Repository: The Repository is a place beyond basic where many of the more technical/obscure aspects of astrology will be placed in articles. Also, this will be the place where I may have co-contributors as well (nobody knows everything). The Repository is searchable by keyword and article and is the backbone of the site.

For charts, personal or otherwise:

For lively astrology discussion:

This site is Western Orthodox Astrology. What do I mean? This is the astrology practiced by American, European astrologers, the “What’s Your Sign” stuff- 12 Signs that go around the Zodiac in a year, with the 9 (and counting Planets). There are other forms of astrology, especially in the East. There are Chinese, Vedic, and even some Native American teachings.

Soon I will include some of this-or encourage a contributor who knows more about these subjects to submit an article for the Repository.

There is a blog here, but I don’t expect to make many posts, and most of them will be on contributors, and updates. After all, I have another place of discussion. Indeed, there will be no discussion except among other people who contribute to the wiki about the wiki.

A place for gratitude: Starlight News, Bill Wilson (Rest in Peace), Morgan Williams (also Rest in Peace), American Astrology, Dell Magazine, and so many other people who encouraged my interest and taught me much. Looking back, I was into apocalypticism, living off of the predictions of the various religious books I read. When I began to study the stars and the cycles, I no longer feared the future, except maybe the background stuff of nuclear war. I stopped looking for some man on horseback to suddenly appear on my television screen and trusted in the changing seasons instead.

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Yes, I do some personal chart work. Email me and we will talk about that elsewhere.