(1951)(22)United States Constitution

The Twenty-Second Amendment

The 22nd Amendment limits Presidential terms to two.  Apparently Roosevelt’s four terms scared enough people.  Nobody believed that simply trusting subsequent Presidents to stick to 2 terms would be good enough anymore.  Now about that term limit:  if a President vacates a term before 2 years, his/her successor serves out the remaining term and is only allowed to serve a term of their own.  If after 2 years, the successor serves out the remaining term and can run, win, and serve two terms.

Looking back at previous situations-Grover Cleveland is only viable for that second term because of the threat of a possible third term.  Grover was asked, by the way, and declined to run, like George Washington did.  Grant tried to run, but failed.  The reality was that there have only been a few that could have enough political heft to even try for a third term.  Grant.  Possibly  Teddy Roosevelt.  Everyone else was either too worn out to make a race viable. In later years: Eisenhower, Clinton.  Reagan was too much in decline, Bush Jr had enough.  Obama would only have tried against an opponent like Trump.

Presidents who have died in office:

Two-term Presidents:

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