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Biden, Pelosi, and Obama: the dynamic trio.
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Think Sanders too grumpy, lefty and out of touch? Like Warren but thinks her plans just aren’t enough? For those who are ridin’ with Biden, here’s a place to comment on why and suggest topics to discuss. I’ll start with mine: African-Americans are moderates and need someone to make a real effort for outreach, which the other candidates have not done.

Sites: Joe Biden Official Website. That’s one reason they have tried to make up stuff-not for us oldsters who remember his long and solid record to helping people, but for the kids who just don’t know about him and his personality. I’m looking for other non-official pages or sites of supporters. If you know of any, let me know.

There’s a reason why Trump fears the guy. He’s everything Trump never was-honest, cleanliving, modest and intelligent. While the other candidates are also pretty good (And vote Blue no matter who), he’s also been fully vetted and been around the block a few times as well. So tell me why you support the guy in the comments section on this page

Biden has a record of accomplishment, sometimes controversial, sometimes not. But despite the Berniestans trying to lie about his record, he’s a good person who wants good for people.

#Biden2020 and #ridinwithBiden it is. From a person who flirted with Warren, and likes her plans. Who grieved when Hillary lost by 77,000 votes and is #StillWithHer. Who thinks sanity is more important than anything else now. Who doesn’t believe in cosplay revolution and and a bottomsup socialism driven by regular people, not preeners like MMoore and Bernie Sanders.

If you want to look at my comments, click on the “View Comments” link and read what I have to say about the various matters regarding Biden-the man, the candidate, and Election 2020 in general.

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