States and Their Presidents

From the beginning the Founders were opposed to a lot of centralized government. Not all that surprising as they just threw off a monarchy. The Confederation was conceived as a loose group of semi-independent states, working in cooperation with each other. But not having a true Central government meant that states were getting into […]

The Presidency

Powers of the Presidency:

Of the three co-equal branches of government, only one is dominated by an individual: the Executive Branch.  Of the three, the one branch that is dedicated to action over deliberation is the executive.  Congress acts, but not until after deliberation and  voting.  The Supreme Court can ask for action, […]

Executive Branch:Cabinet Positions

white house

The United States Cabinet-Part of the Executive Branch

Riden With Biden

Barack Obama Iphone Smile Relaxed

janeb13 / Pixabay

I think that a lot of Democrats are misreading the mood of the Democratic primary voter. They think there’s a hunger for radical change. Maybe. But right now, exhausted by Trump’s narcissism, there is a yearning for sanity and calmness. Old shoe Biden looks like a steady and sane hand right […]

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The States and the Constitution

States and the Constitution


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