Harrisburg is the capital.

Official state site of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania became a state on December 12, 1787, the second state to do so. The 13 colonies became states by ratifying the Constitution. Later states were admitted by action of Congress.

One of the Original 13 colonies, with 18 Representatives. (All states have 2 Senators. Pennsylvania State Constitution.

James Buchanan James Buchanan, the Fifteenth President of the United States (1857-1861)(1791-1868).

And because he won his Presidential race, Joe Biden, (born in Scranton in 1942).

Vice President George M. Dallas(1845-1849)(1792-1864)(James. K. Polk). Son of a Secretary of the Treasury. Minister to Russia (1837-1839), and later Minister to the U.K (1856-1861). He was a strong supporter of annexation-he wanted to annex all of Mexico, Cuba, Oregon. He was a strong supporter of a strong national government and of internal improvements, which put him on the Hamilton side of that great national argument. But he wanted low tariffs, which wrecked his own bid for the Presidency. Dallas, Oregon is named for him, and in a disputed claim, Dallas, Texas.

The James Buchanan Online Presidential Library. His home, Wheatland, is a physical spot associated with him.

And since Pennsylvania was an Original Colony, These are the founding fathers who come from Pennsylvania.

Order of the States in 1787: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,

Order of the States in 1788: Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland

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The States and the Constitution

States and the Constitution


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