Gonna Hit that Oregon Trail this comin fall.. Woody Guthrie…Shows everywhere has at least one song. Plenty of rain and fairly moderate weather.

Oregon became an organized entity in 1843, a territory in 1848, and a state on Valentine’s Day in 1859.

The Oregon State Constitution

Movies about Oregon:
Stand By Me, the Goonies, Oregon Trail, Ghosts of Highway 20

A historic site: The Oregon Trail.

No President or Vice President has come from Oregon.

Movies about Oregon: Oregon Trail, Ghosts of Highway 20,  Songs about Oregon:  Woody Guthrie’s Oregon Trail, Joan Baez’s Portland Town, Oregon, My Oregon:

The capital of Oregon is Salem. Salem founded in 1842.

The Indigenous presence in Oregon:

Kansas(34)(1861) The next state is Kansas, which became a state in1861 after years of bloody conflict over whether it would be a slave state or a free state

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