(1788)New York(011)

New York State The Eleventh State is also one of the states that have a large number of Presidents. Partially because it was long one of the largest states and also one of the richest due to its ownership of the financial markets and its population. Also one of the Original Colonies.

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Vice President James Sherman(1909-1912)(1855-1912)(William Howard Taft) Not much accomplishment as a vp-he was an easygoing sort. He was the first Vice President to fly in a plane, the last one to die in office, and the first time to be renominated on a ticket since 1828. Having served in the House 20 years, his strength was in his relationships with fellow Congressmen.

Donald J Trump (2017-2021)(1946-)So far the worst President ever. Will not link to him or any Presidential Library. He’s only included because he has to be.

Millard Fillmore(1850-1853)(1800-1874). Last Whig President after succeeding Zachary Taylor. Mattis aliquam faucibus purus in massa tempor. Purus in massa tempor nec feugiat nisl. In pellentesque massa placerat duis. Ultricies lacus sed turpis tincidunt id aliquet risus. Dignissim sodales ut eu sem integer vitae. Et tortor at risus viverra.

Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins (1817-1825)(1774-1825)Vice President to James Monroe. The only Vice President in the 19th Century who served all eight years of his President’s term. Was the fourth governor of New York. Funded the state militia during the War of 1812. Appointed Secretary of State by James Madison, but turned it down. On July 4, 1827, all New York slaves were freed, the ones who were not already freed by the Gradual Maumission Act of 1799. Not very active as VP due to illness.

Grover Cleveland (1885-1889)(1883-1897)(1837-1908) 22nd and 24th Presidents. Despite the fact his two terms were non-consecutive, Grover won the popular vote all 3 times he ran and refused a nomination for a third term. The reason why he is counted twice is that his terms were served non-consecutively.

He was the first Democrat elected after the Civil War. And even though he lost his-reelection, he had won the popular vote anyway.

He came back, defeated his rival. The second term had him striving for a world-class Navy.

Cleveland  had ruled and run as a reformer.  He fought local graft, opposed high tariffs that favored certain industries. And while he had a broad interpretation of the Monroe Doctrine, he withdrew the Treaty of Annexation for Hawaii.

He could have served a third term, but declined to do so.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1932-1945)(1882-1845)Four term President of the United States. Led America through the Depression and World War II> Vulputate sapien nec sagittis aliquam malesuada bibendum arcu. Faucibus pulvinar elementum integer enim neque. Sed risus pretium quam vulputate dignissim suspendisse in est. Est sit amet facilisis magna. Faucibus purus in massa tempor. Diam maecenas sed enim ut sem viverra aliquet.

Vice President Levi P Morton (1889-1893)(1824-1920). (Benjamin Harrison)Vice President to Benjamin Harrison.. Ambassador to France (1881-1888). Governor of New York (1895-1897). Very successful businessman-retailer, cotton importer-became a banker. (Vermont, New Hampshire, Boston).

Vice President George Clinton(1805-1812)(1739-1812) Also considered a Founding Father. He was the first post-Declaration Governor of New York, and was Vice President for two different Presidents: (Thomas Jefferson )and (James Madison) He was an ally of George Washington and supplied the Continental Army.

Vice President William Wheeler(1877-1881)(1819-1887)(Rutherford B. Hayes) Former President of the New York Northern Railroad. Served one term along with his President, Rutherford Hayes. Sponsored the Wheeler Compromise that led to the end of Reconstruction.

Vice President Nelson Rockefeller(1974-1977)(1908-1979)(Gerald Ford) Ran for the Republican Presidential nomination three times (1960, 1964, 1968). Was the Rockefeller that Rockefeller Republican was named for. Helped found the United Nations and persuaded his father to donate the land for the U.N. building. Four time Governor of New York.

Vice President Aaron Burr (1801-1805)(1756–1836)(Thomas Jefferson)A tragic figure known for the man he killed than for his other accomplishments. ‘Sed egestas egestas fringilla phasellus faucibus scelerisque eleifend donec. Tristique magna sit amet purus gravida quis. Sed libero enim sed faucibus turpis. Metus aliquam eleifend mi in nulla posuere sollicitudin aliquam.

President Chester A Arthur (1881-1885)(1829-1886)Vice President to James Garfield, and served after his assassination. He served one term, too ill to run for a term of his own. Sit amet purus gravida quis blandit turpis cursus in hac. Leo a diam sollicitudin tempor id eu nisl. Vestibulum mattis ullamcorper velit sed ullamcorper morbi tincidunt. Eros in cursus turpis massa. Aliquam malesuada bibendum arcu vitae. Pellentesque adipiscing commodo elit at imperdiet dui accumsan sit amet.

Theodore Roosevelt(1901-1909)(1858-1919) Another New Yorker (and President) who first got to be President after the assassination of William McKinley. One of the faces on Mt. Rushmore

Martin Van Buren(1837-1841)(1782-1862) Former Governor of New York-lost to William Henry Harrison. He helped settle the Maine-New Brunswick border dispute between the United States and Great Britain. Elementum nibh tellus molestie nunc non blandit massa enim nec. Pellentesque id nibh tortor id. Sit amet volutpat consequat mauris nunc congue nisi vitae suscipit.The state is an Original Colony, and is in the Eastern Time Zone, and has 27 Representatives currently. Rhoncus dolor purus non enim praesent elementum facilisis leo vel. Congue eu consequat ac felis donec et odio pellentesque.

South Carolina The twelfth state of the Union.

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