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Indiana is the 19th State of the Union. It’s capital is Indianapolis. Became a state in 1816. Indiana wants me….

William Henry Harrison (1841). The oldest President (69) until Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden. And the shortest tenure. Noted more for his military feats then than his Presidency. Tippacanoe and Tyler too…had a fatal attack of machismo, giving an hour long speech in rotten weather. He died a month later.

William Henry Harrison (statue in Cincinnati)

Schuyler Colfax, Vice President(Ulysses Grant)(1869-1873)(1823-1855) former Speaker of the House (1863-1869). One of the founders of the Republican Party. Led the effort to pass the Thirteenth
Damaging his legacy is his involvement in the Credit Mobilier scandal, which involved payments to governmental officials in exchange for favorable legislation and rulings. He helped encourage the newly united Italy to go for a republican form of government that included civil rights and religious freedom.

Benjamin Harrison(1889-1893)(1853-1901)Grandson of William Henry Harrison, his term was sandwiched between the terms of Grover Cleveland,.. He was the last Civil War General to serve. He served with Sherman, having risen to the rank of Brigadier General. After the war, he lost several times until he made it to the Senate. He then ran for President, using the classic “Front Porch” campaign where he recieved delegations rather than going out to campaign. As President, he supported reform, and signed the Sherman Anti-Trust act, one of the first laws passed to regulate monopolies.

Charles Fairbanks(Vice President)(Teddy Roosevelt)(1905-1909)(1852-1919). Fairbanks, Alaska is named after him-he was responsible for settling the Canada-Alaska border dispute. (Vice President to Teddy Roosevelt). Ran for Vice President again in 1916. Never cast a tie-breaking vote during his Vice Presidential tenure. Considered too conservative, he was not allowed to become Vice President again in 1909 because he opposed Teddy Roosevelts reform measures.

Michael Pence(Vice President)(Donald Trump)(2017-2021)(1959-) . Seems to have done very little as Vice President-but since this is recent, I’ll leave history to judge.

Vice President Dan Quayle (1989-1993)(George H. W. Bush)(1947-) Former Senator from Indiana(1981-1989)Former representative (1977-1981) As Vice President, he was the Chairman of the National Space Council and the Council on Competitiveness Was asked to run in 1996, but begged off due to illness. Now lives in Arizona.

Vice President Thomas R Marshall (1854-1925)(1913-1921)Another one who came up through Indiana politics. Was a former Governor of Indiana. When Woodrow Wilson was incapacitated through a stroke, Congress wanted him to become Acting President. He was asked to do this but he refused because he did not want to create a precedent. First U.S. President to hold cabinet meetings when the President was out of the country. Was the only Vice President targeted by an assassin specifically . Most famous quote: “What this country needs is a good 5 cent Cigar”.

Abraham Lincoln (Handled in Illinois). Spent some time growing up here.

Vice President Thomas A Hendricks (March-November 1885)(1819-1885)Served under Grover Cleveland. Former Governor of Indiana.

Mississippi Became a state the following year (1817)

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